BackTrack-5 series to be posted soon @ 3psil0nlambda

Hi all,

BackTrack-5 series to be posted soon @ 3psil0nlambda in association with The project Revolution, the most awaited pen-testing framework has released on May 10th 2011, with a lot of promises. Famously knows as the back-track flavor of linux, this is a major development over the back-track4 R2. This new version supposedly, is built from scratch and has seen major improvements and bug fixes in the Back Track series of OS.

(Image courtesy, official backtrack website)

As we all know any penetration tester would ideally phase his attack in to five phases, namely:

  1. Information gathering
  2. Scanning and Vulnerability assesment
  3. Gaining access to the target
  4. Maintaining access with the target
  5. Clearing tracks

We shall see how back track 5 facilitates this approach in the pen testing scenario, in the BT5 series. The posts will be published on and I shall update my posting here.

Until then cheers đŸ˜‰



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