BackTrack 5 Guide II: Exploitation tools and frameworks

Hi all,

In the first part of this BackTrack 5 guide, we looked at information gathering and vulnerability assessment tools. In the second part of this BackTrack 5 guide, we will use BackTrack 5 tools to exploit a remote system and learn how the exploitation framework can be used with the privilege escalation tool John the Ripper to crack passwords and gain access to a remote Windows system.

Dig down to the bottom of the page to read the whole article unregistered on Techtarget on this link:

Keep looking this blog for more on BT5.




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  1. hey hacker dude….. i wanna help…. from a long time i am trying to connect backtrack 4 with internet… Plz tell me what should i do to accomplish this task

  2. Hey!!

    Use VMware and set the connections to NAT and in BT4 start network service. This shud accomplish ur task 🙂


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