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Workshop series and Internship Opportunities

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Team NetNobles is the official representative of DEFCON in Bangalore, Mangalore and Chennai (formerly known as TopSecure in chennai). We conduct seminars and workshop on Cyber security and ethical hacking across various technical universities of India, and have got a very positive feedback from the student community.

We strive to give the best foundation to the students in Information security (by offensively securing themselves). We are open to calls from various colleges for workshops and seminars.

Our workshop series is named as “HaXor”. The participants of the workshop would get a certificate of attendance, a DVD toolkit and hands-on experience on offensive security. You can contact team netnobles at

Attendees of this program can apply for an internship opportunity with us. We shall short list based on the resume, and have a telephonic/online interview with the candidate and declare the results here.

Add yourself to our name list: Click here to add yourself to the program.

Download our brochure: NetNobles_EthicalHacking_Course_Brochure

Topics covered in the Level – 1 of the workshop series:

Internship opportunities with NetNobles Team: