8 Handy Tools for Your Sec-Arsenal


Here is a compilation of a few tools that we need to be aware of. The power, the performance and the capabilities of these tools are limited only to the creativity of the attacker. Let’s dig in to the list. These are a few handy tools that a beginner in info-sec needs to be aware of. Other tools and their capabilities will be followed in the continuing articles.


2. Metasploit


4. SET



7. w3AF

8. EXIF Viewers


For complete article refer: InfosecInstitute



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  1. Burp’s functionality extends well beyond the usefulness of the tools included within the suite. One such way in which we have used Burp Suite here at SecureState is to use it as a HTTP Proxy for other tools that don’t support connecting to web applications that require a client-side certificate. Fortunately, Burp handles this pretty well. For this example, we will use the web application scanner, Nikto. Nikto is not proxy-aware and has no way to specify one. Additionally, it cannot be configured to directly connect to web applications that require client-side certificates. With a combination of Burp Suite and proxychains, this is doable.

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